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  • We Can Provide You With The Opportunity To Be In Any Setting Through The Magic Of Green Screen Technology
  • We Offer Professional Audio Recording - Music Video Production - Photography - Karaoke Video & More
  • We Are Dedicated To Delivering High Quality Audio Productions. We Now Offer 4K Ultra High Definition Music Videos
  • Jacksonville Mobile Recording And Video Production Service - Let Us Bring The Recording Studio To You
  • We Offer Both Video And Photography. Contact Us Now To Learn More About Our Jacksonville Green Screen Studio



Welcome to Jacksonville Music Video Recording


A one stop video production service.Our Green Screen chroma key video production studio is available for hire and ideal for filming music videos.


Do you want to set your video in a location that you know you could only imagine? We have the solution! Let us use our green screen video technology. You can create unique backgrounds without ever leaving our home studio. We can also bring our Portable Green Screen set up to you! Just let your imagination run wild. Ask us how this technique can help in your next Jacksonville music video production.


The technology behind Green Screen Video & Photography has improved dramatically over the years. With access to high-quality HD cameras and powerful post-production software, the process looks so much better and more convincing than ever. We’ll use any background you can imagine. With Jacksonville Music Video, you can shoot your video anywhere in the world.

Jacksonville Music Video is a cost effective way of achieving the vision for your Jacksonville video production and sometimes it’s the only way to achieve the desired effect. It does require a special skill and knowledge in lighting, camerawork and the editing process to create the desired effect.

Let Jacksonville Music Video take the hassle out of producing your HD Music Video. Whether it's a Jacksonville karaoke music video, marketing video, product demo or video tutorial for your small business, Jacksonville Music Video has your answer.

We provide 4K HD green screen video production in homes, churches, hotels and other venues throughout North Florida and South Georgia. If your video shoot requires portability, we use a 12X20 portable green screen background which is not only collapsible, but it is extremely effective. It allows us to bring our Jacksonville Music Video Studio Kit to the destination of your choosing. we work with you to get your project done right the first time.


Let us help transform your HD video project into something spectacular. We offer everything from YouTube instructional videos to a Jacksonville Music Video production at a reasonable price. Isn't it about time you fully explore the potential of your Jacksonville Music Video to enhance your message.


A music video captures much more than words. After all, communication is 90% body language. Videos will allow you to engagingly express yourself and what you have to offer. Your audience will retain 75% more with a video presentation than from just pictures and text.


With a collection of over 100,000 Karaoke Tracks available to choose from, our exciting Jacksonville Green Screen Karaoke Music Video allows our guests to be filmed in front of a green screen. The performer is then inserted, electronically, into a different background while dancing and singing or lip-syncing to their favorite karaoke tracks.


Video is the most effective way to tell the world about yourself or your products and services. With our dedication to quality 4K HD video and audio production, we will help ensure that you reach your target audience.


The advantages of using a " chroma key " green screen backdrop is that it’s quick to setup, we use a 12X20 portable green screen background which is not only collapsible, but it is extremely effective, enabling us to bring our Jacksonville Music Video to the destination of your choosing.


A benefit of shooting your Jacksonville Music Video in front of a Jacksonville Green Screen background is that we are very familiar with lighting techniques which will prevent problems in the video and photo editing process. Green Screen Jacksonville is a great special effects tool for music videos, testimonial videos, recruiting videos, photography and so much more. Our camera crew will certainly make a professional quality keyed video and photos that you will be proud to show off.


Over 1,300,000,000 People use YouTube. Over 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, thats almost 5 billion videos watched on Youtube every single day, thats over 6 billion hours of video veiwed each month on YouTube. The average number of mobile YouTube video views per day is 1,000,000,000, Become a part of the statistics.


All Projects will be filmed with Ultra 4K Panasonic GH4 cameras and include all the equipment needed to capture your project in the highest quality possible.



We offer both in-studio and mobile services, if you like the idea of our services but need us to come to you, then we can. Whether your project is 2 hours, single day or an extended shoot, we can help.



For additional information on our Jacksonville Recording Studio, please feel free to browse our website, contact us by EMAIL or call (904) 413-8533

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